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Learn how to set up your own online course platform and how to create online courses to populate your LMS. This section will be fully devoted to helping you get your courses online for yourself. We will also add tips and techniques for creating Training Videos – lighting, video production, and editing. You can sign up to our free guides list and receive great tips directly into your email.

Convert training into an online course

Top Tips: Presenting to camera for your courses

Sample of an online course segment presented to camera

Top Tip: Map out training objectives for yourself

This may seem overly obvious but we’ve all sat through training sessions where the trainer wasn’t sure where to go next. When I was the Training Manger for the Chamber of Commerce, I always strongly emphasised the need for my trainers to provide learning objectives for the delegates. But what about training objectives for the trainer? The following is a fairly standard set of “training” objectives mapped out for a half day course. 

This principle for in-person training can easily be converted into digital terms when putting together your online course:

  • How much time for each module or segment?
  • How much time for thought and course journal entry?
  • How much time spent on interactive video exercises like quizzing?
Remember, you want your learners to grasp the information you are delivering in your course so to keep them attentive and engaged, have a clear cut timeline for delivering your material. If you have no idea whatsoever on how to factor time, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you convert from in-person timing to online course timing – no charge!

Examples of course conversions from Recorded Zoom sessions


The 5 Types of Motivation

This online course will deepen your understanding of exactly what motivation is, how it works, and give you a proper working definition, understanding and a process that you can apply to be consistently strongly motivated for the rest of your life. It will accomplish this by providing the following:
1. Information on motivation
2. Thinking Tools for motivation
3. Practical Tools for how to motivate yourself

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