We Are Goster

What sets us apart from other e learning companies in the UK:

  • Confidence: You can have confidence in Goster, a limited company with over 20 years of media and training production experience.
  • Credibility: Goster is an established elearning service provider and an active member in the Lancashire business community.
  • Conversion: We convert your expertise into online courses which converts your training into round-the-clock residual income.

The Goster Mission

An important part of our company mission is to build cost-effective, structured learning content and LMS platforms which allow for easy maintenance, updating and renewal – with unlimited learners while taking your course to markets where you can sell your courses round-the-clock and around the world.

The Goster Vision

We help your organisation to upskill staff and/or provide round-the-clock courses for your clients by creating online training, learning platforms, and training videos. We do this by creating rich but highly practical content that yields measurable results for your company.

The Goster Down-Low

Here at Goster (pronounced “GO” ster) we combine an in-depth understanding of learning psychology, media creation and  the latest elearning technologies to create online course and platform solutions that really work for your clients and keep them coming back! Get in touch with us for a free fifteen minute assessment and analysis of your material and we promise you that you will know whether creating an online course is a fit for your business and the best way to get there!

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We are an insured limited online course developer located in Preston.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing the conversion of live or “face-to-face” training to e-learning sessions we encounter a number of questions pertaining to how the process works and the way forward. As a result, we’ve put together a few of the more common questions and subsequent responses to better help you understand how it all works: