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Providing more revenue to you, your clients and your business through online training courses created from your face-to-face training sessions, lectures and workshops.


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Online Courses

We offer five options of e-learning course development to fit your content style, method of delivery, time and budget. Have a look at our e-learning creation packages to find a delivery method which best aligns with your approach.

Learning Platforms

Deliver online courses to your clients through your own website with the creation of a simple learning platform (LMS). Let us show you how you can have your courses live to the world & revenue in your pocket in no time!

Training Videos

Save time and money in on-boarding or team development with a straightforward video to train staff & new managers. We make it simple and affordable to create relevant and repeatable sessions for your team including reporting back to HR.

Make a More Profound Impact in Your Field

Establishing your consultancy or training company as a source of expertise in the mind of a potential client can be quickly and easily accomplished with the right micro-training video or e-learning session. Invest in yourself and your business by converting your knowledge and expertise into a tangible digital e-learning asset which can be an additional product offering to your customers.

E-learning Growth is Your Opportunity 

The explosive demand for e-learning here in the UK and in the US is an open door to trainers, consultants, and business coaches who are confident that they have a course that can help organisations to develop their staff. By the year 2025, there is an expected market of nearly £250 billion pounds. You have the training, we have the ability to convert it to a profitable asset for your portfolio.


Growth in Demand for Elearning Training Since the year 2000


Revenue Increase to Employer for each Trained Employee

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