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You simply share what you already know and we help you get paid for it.

We build online courses, LMS platforms and websites to make you money.

Elearning Developers

We offer scalable e-learning development to fit your content style, method of delivery, time and budget. Start simple and then add complexity later on. We integrate engaging video and digital interactive elements for effective online learning. See exactly who is taking your course, track their progress and generate a personalised Certificate of completion with your branding. We’re flexible and a free 15 minute analysis chat will help you shape the vision for your material.

Platform for Online Courses

You can own an online learning site with easy maintenance, updating and renewal AND unlimited learners so you can keep ALL of the revenue with no monthly fees unless you would like us to host and manage your platform and courses for you.  Maintain full control over your data by knowing who is taking your courses and their progress on the course. Automatically generate a branded personalised certificate of completion to each and every learner! Contact us for your free consultation.

Training Videos

On-board & develop your team with an interactive training video for staff & new managers. We make it simple and affordable to create relevant and repeatable sessions from scratch or by converting your webinar sessions into interactive online learning. Add these converted webinars to a learning platform to track the progress of your viewers and generate a branded personalised certificate of completion to each team member who completes the interactive session.

Earn residual income from your expertise

Your expertise can be earning you and your company considerable revenue by engaging Goster to develop online courses from your knowledge. The explosive demand for e-learning here in the UK and in the US is an open door to trainers, consultants, and business coaches who are confident that they have a course that can help organisations to develop their staff. By the year 2025, there is an expected market of nearly £250 billion pounds. You have the expertise, we have the know-how and experience to convert your knowledge into profit.

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Growth in demand for elearning training since the year 2000

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Revenue Increase to the employer for each trained employee

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