This final module covers the importance of having a purpose as having purpose makes it easier to bounce back in challenging times by providing perspective, stability, confidence and determination. Module three will also discuss the value of setting yourself an action plan to improve your resilience as nothing happens until you take action!


4 Points on Purpose

Consider this quote by Tanveer Naseer. Tanveer Naseer is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer, keynote speaker, and leadership corporate trainer and consultant.

7 Warning Signs & Symptoms

Let’s now consider eight warning signs that you notice that you are not feeling at your best and lacking resilience.

Low resilience can mean you are more easily affected by stressful situations, the signs and symptoms are broadly similar to those you might see if you’re affected by stress, anxiety or depression, and can include:

Look out for signs in others that their resilience may be low too and talk to them to see what it is that causing it and use a few of the ideas you’ve covered today to help them.

When these warning signs and symptoms emerge – it is critical to have a plan in place to properly deal with them or alleviate them which can be a tremendous help in fostering resilience

Planning for Purpose, Resilience & Wellbeing

Building Resilience: Final Assessment

The final course assessment to follow contains a number of questions to provide you with an opportunity to solidify and retain the information from this course. 

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