In this module you will learn 8 powerful and effective tools that you can use to apply The 5 Types of Motivation in your life. You will learn the importance of having a framework to structure motivation in your daily life. And you will learn real life application examples of how you can use each tool to use The 5 types of Motivation successfully in your daily life.

Tool #1: Motivational quotes

Do you like motivational quotes? Some people love them, some can’t stand them!

We recommend that you use them, and that you memorise 2. We all have up to 80,000 thoughts a day, and a great deal of these are either negative or junk. So having a motivational phrase that you repeatedly can return to in your mind daily, can help to keep your mind focused and centred.

If you don’t like motivational quotes so far, you probably haven’t found ones that appeal to you or that resonate strongly with you yet. Look on the internet, look at poems, song lyrics, famous phrases, keep searching until you find two. You want to commit two to memory, in case when you say one to yourself one day and it just isn’t helping, you have one spare to use!

Here are two of our favourite motivational quotes:

“The heart is a net, where love is caught like fish”

“Hope has two beautiful daughters: anger at the way things are and courage to do something about it”

Tool #2: Motivational people

Surround yourself with motivational people, to increase the fleeting motivation that you feel each day.

Watching one of their videos or engaging with some of their material could be all you need to give you an extra boost of energy to get you going. The good news is, there are literally thousands of people who help to motivate others in our world for you to choose from.

Remember, they do not have to be real, you may find a particular character from a fiction book or a song motivating- great! Use whoever works for you. And we recommend using different motivational people for different reasons.

Here are some of our favourite motivational people to start you off, a great deal of their material is available on YouTube for free:

Les Brown
  • American motivational speaker who can help you to feel passionate and energetic.
Louise Hay
  • An incredible woman who taught a message of self love- she can help you to feel great about yourself, just as you are.
Greg Plitt
  • A former military man who applied the discipline of the military to health and fitness- he can help you to challenge yourself.

Tools #3 and #4: Pictures and Videos

Tool #5: Your support team

Stay consistently motivated over a period of years, you need to have a team of people supporting and helping you.

  • We would always recommend having two essential people on it- one for support and one for accountability.
  • Sometimes, you just need a hug, or a chat with someone who understands you, loves you and is there for you when you need them.
    • If it could be a partner or a parent, a family member or friend.

Think, who could you text right now for some support if you needed to?

  • Your support person is probably one of the people that comes to mind.
  • Your support person will console and support you.
  • And equally, you will also need someone to push you, to hold you accountable to high standards, to help you to reach further- this is your accountability person.
    • It could be a mentor, or a coach, a parent or a work peer.
    • But make sure that it is someone who you feel can help you to extend and develop yourself, not someone you would go to for support, you already have that.

Pick your two people very carefully, as they will have a huge influence on your motivation and your life. And tell them why you have chosen them and the role that they will play! We have found that many people are very happy and honoured, when they are told that they have been chosen to be someone’s go to person for support or accountability.

Make sure to go to the correct person for the correct appropriate help:

Your support person will console and support you

And your accountability person will help you to grow.

Tool #6: Music

The impact that music can have upon the physiology of your body and all of your cells is simply incredible!

It can stimulate hormones in your body such as dopamine, which help you to feel good, bring back memories, give you a rush of energy and so many other benefits. If you doubt this, just put on one of your favourite songs, and see if in less than 10 seconds it has not affected how you are thinking and feeling.

Make playlists of your favourite songs

Have music to hand to lift you up and get your energy going

Equally, have music to hand that can help to calm you down and bring you down after long busy days and stressful moments 

Use music when exercising to stay focused 

Use music before important work or family moments – to focus your mind and body

Music can be an incredible tool to keep you motivated, and you can use it and come back to it again and again! 

Tools #7 and #8: Your environment and miscellaneous

Bonus Section:

Here are several different examples to help you to apply The 5 types of Motivation in your workplace and throughout your life.

When applying these strategies, make sure to use fear, fun or both – use your chosen approach in how you do it.

The final knowledge test to follow contains a number of questions to provide you with an opportunity to solidify and retain the information from this course. 

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