Module five is designed to help learners to pull together all aspects of this course in a practical application in order to have a direct positive impact on the day to day practice and pedagogy as teachers and teaching assistants. This final module also provides some useful resources in the form of planning and provision maps and a sensory profile that can be used to help focus and identify your pupil’s specific sensory needs.

Provision Mapping for Sensory Support Strategies

The provision map below contains sensory support strategies in an educational environment. Select each of the plus icons (+) to understand how to apply this map to your environment:

Final Knowledge Test

The final knowledge test to follow contains a number of questions to provide you with an opportunity to solidify and retain the information from this course.

To access the final test, click the “Sensory Processing, Behaviour and the Primary Classroom tab underneath the “Module Content” tab below.

Thereafter, on the next page – click the “Start Test” button to begin.

After answering each question proceed through the remaining questions by selecting the “next” button at the bottom