Select the exclamation ‘!’ icon for each of the 7 principles below to learn their importance and meaning for your organisation:

Knowledge Check: 7 Principles of the GDPR

To help solidify your knowledge of the 7 Key Principles of the GDPR, answer the following multiple choice questions:

8 Lawful Bases for Processing Data Under GDPR

Each of the eight lawful basis for processing data under GDPR are represented below by an image with accompanying text underneath. Read through each principle by slowly dragging the selector to the right until you have read and familiarised yourself with all 8 principles:

Knowledge Check: 8 Lawful Bases for Processing Personal Data

To help solidify your knowledge, read the following statements below which pertain to the 8 lawful bases for processing personal data under the GDPR and select whether each is a true or a false statement: