In this module we will look at the origins of FGM and understand why different cultures practice FGM and what the different terms are other than FGM.

Where FGM Takes Place in the World

Within the UK we are particularly concerned about victims of FGM being from cultures such as the following, with many of these countries performing FGM on over 95% of all females within the country. Egypt and Somalia are believed to have some of the highest numbers of FGM cases. 

The image below contains indicators for the primary locations where FGM is taking place in the world today. Select each of the exclamation icons (!) to learn important details about FGM in each location:

Why does FGM Take Place?

There are many different reasons why FGM is practiced and it is important that we don’t generalise and don’t just assume that the motivations are the same for all. That would be as absurd as generalising why anyone abuses a child in any way.

The following graphic contains a number of images and corresponding five primary reasons for why FGM takes place. Click the “turn” button at the bottom centre of the image card to reveal the information. Then proceed through each of the remaining reasons by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each card: