Module three explores the ‘what, who and why’: who are our pupils, why do they experience sensory processing difficulties and what can we do about it.

Sensory Processing/Integration Difficulties, the What, Who and Why

SPD – Sensory Modulation, Discrimination & Movement

Select the arrows to the left of each SPD component in the accordion below to discover important SPD principles:

Sensory Processing Difficulties & Differences

Who is affected by sensory processing difficulties? 

Click on each picture to reveal examples of groups of people who can be affected by sensory processing difficulties:

Module Three: Knowledge Test

Ayla’s Story

As a follow up to the knowledge test above, let’s take a look at Ayla’s story as it pertains to sensory sensititivities, modulation & praxis. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through key areas of information contained on each the slides: