In our final module we are going to examine a wellbeing toolkit. We will discuss the importance of mental wellbeing for all and some strategies to support your own mental wellbeing. The learning outcomes for this module are: to understand the importance of wellbeing for everyone. And to learn and practice some strategies to support your own mental wellbeing.

Self-Care Strategies

Now let’s learn some effective methods and approaches to self-care and maintaining our own mental health by working through the following presentation. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through key areas of information contained on each the slides:

Stress Management Strategies

The image below contains strategies for managing stress. Select each of the plus icons (+) to learn of each important approach to managing stress:

The final knowledge test to follow contains a number of questions to provide you with an opportunity to solidify and retain the information from this course.
  • To access the final test, click the Mental Health Awareness Final Knowledge Test tab underneath the “Module Content” tab below.
  • Thereafter, on the next page – click the “Start Test” button to begin.
  • After answering each question proceed through the remaining questions by selecting the “next” button at the bottom right of each set of answers: