Key Definitions, Roles, & Responsibilities of GDPR

The following graphic contains a number of images and corresponding definitions and roles for GDPR. Click the “turn” button at the bottom centre of the image card to reveal the information. Then proceed through the remaining definitions and roles by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each card:

Consequences of Non-Compliance with GDPR

1. The ICO can seek a fine of up to 4% of a company’s global annual revenue for a breach under the GDPR.

2. Fines under GDPR are a significant increase on the maximum fine of up to £500,000 which could be imposed under the UK’s previous data protection regime DPA 1998.

Now lets learn of some of the key benefits of GDPR compliance by working through the following presentation. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through the information and benefits one by one:

Knowledge Test: GDPR Introduction