In this module you will learn about other mental health problems and some conditions that are often confused as being mental health problems. We will cover psychosis, trauma and neuro conditions. The learning outcome for this module is: to broaden understanding about a range of different conditions including psychosis, trauma and neuro conditions.

Introduction to Psychosis & Trauma

Descriptions and overviews of psychosis and trauma are represented below by an image with accompanying text underneath. Read through each overview by slowly dragging the selector to the right until you have read and familiarised yourself with both psychosis and trauma:

We have now been introduced to psychosis and trauma, now lets examine the effects of adverse childhood experiences by watching the following video from NHS Health Scotland:

The following graphic contains a number of images and three of the main (or most widely known) corresponding neurological disorders. Click the “turn” button at the bottom centre of the image card to reveal the information. Then proceed through each of the remaining disorders by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each card:

Knowledge Test: Module Five

The following section contains a number of questions to provide you with a quick knowledge test to help you retain the information from this module. After answering the question proceed through the remaining questions by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each set of answers:

Upon completion of this module’s material above, select the “mark complete” or “next module” button below to record your progress. This will save your place and your work on the course thus far and will enable you to complete the assessment at the end of the course.