In this module you will learn about the power of future motivation. You will learn about how future events to look forward to can positively motivate you. And you will learn how to use your imagination to motivate yourself and to create real tangible plans in your life.

Key Insight #3: Motivation = imagination + logic

What does this mean?

The imagination is the creative, right side of our brains- where we dream up what we want, we create visions and imagine a better future. But if that is all you do, you will not do anything to bring it into the world and make it real.

So begin with false motivation, imagining what you want to do or be. Then you must use the left side of your brain, the logical, process driven part, to make a plan to make it real and to achieve the results that you want.

Too many people either imagine what they want and do nothing about it. Or they do not imagine and just carry on what they are normally doing, even though it might not be what they want to do. 

So by using both imagination and logic – both false and future motivation- you will be able to imagine what you want, then remember it is absolutely necessary to make a plan and to gather the resources necessary to achieve it.

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