This final lesson will provide an introduction and overview to critical radicalisation-prevention programmes such as “Prevent” and “Channel” which help to identify and protect children and young people from falling into extremism which might lead to terrorism.

Watch the following animation which explains potential gateways to radicalisation in children and young people:

Methods to identify risks in the radicalisation of children are represented below by an image with accompanying text underneath. Read through each method or identifier by slowly dragging the selector to the right until you have read and familiarised yourself with these principles:

Now lets learn about a vital programme called PREVENT by working through the following presentation. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through key areas of information contained on each of the slides:

The Department for Education offers a free PREVENT e-learning course. Visit the following link to access this helpful tool:  PREVENT ONLINE TRAINING

Upon completion of this module’s material above, select the “mark complete” button below to record your progress. This will save your place and work on the course thus far and will enable you to complete the assessment at the end of the course.

Final Words and Knowledge Test

The final knowledge test to follow contains a number of questions to provide you with an opportunity to solidify and retain the information from this course.

To access the final test, click the Safeguarding, Child Protection & Prevent tab underneath the “Module Content” tab below.

Thereafter, on the next page – click the “Start Test” button to begin.

After answering each question proceed through the remaining questions by selecting the “next” button at the bottom right of each set of answers: