This lesson will cover important legislation relating to safeguarding.

Lets take a look at a few facts about child abuse and Safeguarding which hit closer to home:

Definitions and roles for Safeguarding are represented below by an image with accompanying text underneath. Read through each definition by slowly dragging the selector to the right until you have read and familiarised yourself with all four points:

We have now familiarised ourselves with important Safeguarding definitions, now lets examine the Governmental Guidance principles as put forth in the guide “Keeping Children Safe in Education” by watching the following video:


The following graphic contains a number of images and corresponding examples of effective Safeguarding. Click the “turn” button at the bottom centre of the image card to reveal the information. Then proceed through the remaining examples of effective Safeguarding by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each card:

Now lets examine a few of the more high profile cases for Safeguarding failure through the following presentation. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through the information and benefits one by one:

The Tragedy of Victoria Climbie:

We have taken a look at some very difficult cases of Safeguarding failure. One of the most significant cases which has had a lasting impact on Safeguarding policy than that of Victoria Climbie. Watch the following video to have a closer look at this case:

The following timeline outlines the key events involved with the Victoria Climbie tragedy, going from left to right, click each thumbnail in the gray banner beneath the image to reveal the milestones as the case unfolded in history.

You now have an idea of the timeline of events for the Victoria Climbie Safeguarding failures, watch the following video to learn of the aftermath and subsequent developments in governmental policy as it pertains to proper Safeguarding procedures:

As a result of the Laming Report, Legislation was introduced with an emphasis on agencies working together to safeguard children. There are a wide range of agencies which now work and collaborate to protect young people.

  • The agencies include:
  • Police
  • Social Services
  • Health Professionals
  • Multi-Agency Safeguarding

Click on each question mark (?) icon below to learn about these important safeguarding agencies one by one – select the view screen box at the upper right corner of the graphic for a full screen view:

The following section contains a number of questions to provide you with a quick knowledge test to help you retain the information from this module. After answering the question proceed through the remaining questions by selecting the blue arrow at the bottom right of each set of answers:

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