In this unit we explore the physical environment of your school or setting and consider how some areas of the buildings or environment can cause stress, anxiety and meltdown for your pupils with autism. We consider what a reasonable adjustment may look like and how to achieve this to better support your autistic pupils in school.

Now lets learn of some of the ideal methods to help reduce anxiety and enable an autism friendly environment by working through the following presentation. Select the left and right arrows underneath the image to advance through key areas of information contained on each the slides:

Supporting Sensory Meltdown:

Familiarise yourself with valuable techniques in supporting sensory meltdown by watching the following video with Helen Fores:

The following image contains seven top tips for establishing and maintaining an autism-friendly environment. Select each of the tick icons (√) to reveal each important tip:

To conclude the last module of this Understanding Autism e-learning course. Watch the following video for an excellent visual description of how autism works in the brain:

Final Knowledge Test: Understanding Autism

The following section will help you to reflect on your learning within this course and test your new knowledge and understanding against with a 10 question quiz.

Select the “Understanding Autism” tab under the “Module Content” panel below to proceed with the final knowledge test of this e-learning course: