Frequently Asked Questions

When discussing the conversion of live or “face-to-face” training to e-learning sessions we encounter a number of questions pertaining to how the process works and the way forward:

Can my online courses be customised to fit my delivery style?

The short answer is…absolutely! The primary benefit of using a smaller local e-learning developer is that you won’t be forced into a cookie cutter or “one-size-fits-all” delivery style like a LinkedIn or Videotile model. We will design the course according to your preference.

Will I own the elearning course that you create for me?

When Goster develops a course, you retain the IP for the course. Its your course, we simply helped convert your material into a digital asset to grow your audience and your business, similar to a record producer and a talented musician. You have the talent, we produce the record (so to speak).

How can I sell my online course on my website?

We can develop your course and export to SCORM or XAPI (Tin Can) which will integrate with the vast majority of Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there. Alternatively, if you have a WordPress website, we can signpost you to a few inexpensive plugins. Alternatively, we can develop an online platform which is called an “LMS” so you can offer courses online.

Is it worth the cost to convert my in-person training sessions or zoom webinars to online courses?

If your current website is receiving a good flow of traffic or you have a digital marketing strategy in place to drive traffic to your site then it is absolutely worth the cost. You will multiply your training efforts with no additional time or expense beyond the course and/or platform cost. You will expand outside the UK to markets in Europe, Asia and North America for round-the-clock access to your training. Couple this with a digital marketing strategy and the sky is the limit!

What kind of support will I receive after I’ve received the online course or platform?

Most elearning  companies in the UK will gladly produce your course for you and then hand it off at the end of process with a “thank you – see you next time” approach. For Goster, it is important that your online course is a success with learners so we offer additional marketing and technical service support up to one year after we’ve delivered your course and platform.

What if I just want to create online courses for myself?

This is an excellent question, the good news is – you can create online courses for yourself and they can be outstanding! We offer a free consultation session to point you in the right direction and to direct you to a few inexpensive (or free) tools so you can do the job for yourself! Beyond the consultation, we also offer 1 to 1 or group training sessions to show you how to build online courses for yourself. Thereafter, if you run out of time or energy, we will be happy to jump in and help where you need us!

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